Chanterelle Black Trumpet MushroomsCraterellus cornucopioides

Also known as the Black Trumpet and Horns of Plenty

This trumpet like shaped mushroom is the most flavorful of the Chanterelles. They are great fresh with a buttery woodsy flavor but also hold up well when drying and reconstituting without loss of character. The dark liquid that is derived from the cooking process makes a satiny liquid that looks wonderful as a sauce for fish. The black color of the Black Chanterelle stands out well in omelets, pizzas and open faced sandwiches. The tough texture does require prolonged cooking. Usually boiling, simmering or sautéing for 10 or so minutes.

Due to the coloring of the Black Chanterelle it can be very hard to find in the dark forest in which they grow. Until you have a visual image you can pass right by them. It helps to visualize a wavy or frilly black or brown flower. They grow in fused clusters like a bouquet. Some say they look like a hole in the ground.

The Black Chanterelle has a trumpet shaped cap when young and more flowered shape as it ages. The flesh is dark, from black, when in moist areas to a brown when in dry areas. The cap is hollow extending down into the stalk and has a thin tough flesh. The underside of the cap is smooth, greyish in color, with no gills. Though it can be slightly wrinkled.