Cantharellus tubaeformis

Yellow Foot Chanterelle is also known as the Winter Chanterelle or Funnel Chanterelle. This Chanterelle comes up in the winter when the classic Chanterelle season has ended. It is not as meaty as other Chanterelle species but has a good flavor. The caps loose their shape during cooking but the stem holds up well. The best way to preserve the Yellow Foot Chanterelle is by drying. Don’t expect the Yellow Foot Chanterelle to replace the classic Chanterelle mushroom as the flavor and shape are different when cooked.

The Yellow Foot Chanterelle is usually less than 2 inches in diameter with a central depression. The cap can be of dark brown to tan or dull orange. Their gills are widely spaced, blunt and run down the stalk, but not as far down as on the Yellow Chanterelle. The stalk is slender and often hollow, unless really young, and orange to yellow when fresh. It has no veil, ring or volva. The Yellow Foot Chanterelle may be found growing along side the Hedgehog mushroom.