Hedgehog MushroomsHydnum repandum

Other names for the Hedgehog mushroom are Spreading Hedgehog and Sweet Tooth. This mushroom is a lot like a Yellow Chanterelle when cooking. Like the Yellow Foot Chanterelle the Hedgehog Chanterelle grows later in the winter to early spring sometimes right along side each other. But unlike the Yellow Foot Chanterelle it is more comparable to the Yellow Chanterelle as it holds its shape while cooking and can be preserved by pickling and drying. Sautéing the Hedgehog is the most desirable form of cooking. Dry sauté and then sauté in the left over grease of your fried meat with some rosemary, salt, pepper and toasted pine nuts. If you would rather not use meat drippings use olive oil instead and sauté all together. Remember to dry sauté your mushrooms first as it helps to remove the excess moisture from the mushroom  before adding to your recipe. You can always use the liquid to make a gravy or sauce to accompany the mushroom dish.

The Hedgehog mushroom has the same coloration of the Yellow Chanterelle. The cap can be white to pale orange or dull orange. The cap side is bald while the underside has a layer of spines or “teeth”. This is the Hedgehog mushrooms main difference from the Chanterelle mushroom. There is a smaller species, the Belly Button Hedgehog (Hydnum umbilicatum), that is usually slimmer and often has a small hole or “navel’ at the center of the cap. The Hedgehog has no poisonous look-alikes which is nice for the beginner forager.